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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

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CitruSolution Area Rug Cleaning Hattiesburg

Many people put off having their area rugs cleaned because of the misconception that their rugs have to be removed from the home leaving their floors bare for the better part of a week while they are cleaned offsite.  However, we do offer “off-site” area rug cleaning that we’ll take to our specialized area rug cleaning center.

Here at CitruSolution Area Rug Cleaning of Hattiesburg, we use the same natural, effective and low moisture “CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process” for area rugs.  We clean your area rugs at the same time we clean your carpets.  Your rugs remain in the home eliminating the inconvenience of being without them for long periods of time.  Much like your carpets, routine cleaning is extremely important and an occasional rug cleaning is paramount to keeping your rugs looking fresh and clean. Improper cleaning can destroy your rugs!

Professional cleaning removes all of the dirt and soil regular vacuuming cannot.  Professional cleaning is the simplest and most-effective method for cleaning your rugs, carpets and upholstery, and specifically, our low moisture process is the best way to clean area rugs.

The CitruSolution Rug Cleaning Process is ideal for removal of pet odors brought on by urine and for removing tough stains.  As mentioned above, our rug cleaning process is identical to our carpet cleaning process using our low moisture approach. (Soaking the rug, as most competitors do, is only going to trigger mold and mildew and is not recommended.)

If your rug has deep stains or dust you will be astounded at how much luster and softness is going to be restored.  After the cleaning, your rug is provided a final grooming with our commercial grade Lindhaus vacuum.

Rugs can hold a lot of embedded dirt and dust.  Area rugs have to be treated with excellent care against damage.  For many of us, they have been a significant investment in home decor.  Area rugs demand a gentle but efficient approach to cleaning.  They are a very popular way to add some style to any room.  If you’ve got new, old or antique area rugs in your home, it is necessary to look after them properly.

Area rugs are beautiful additions to your home, but they are typically delicate and can be costly.  All areas of the area rug ought to be exposed to an equal amount of traffic so the pile wears evenly.  Oriental area rugs are really durable, but they need regular cleaning and care to guarantee they remain in prime condition.  Every area rug demands special care to make the most of the life and endurance of the piece.  The best way to ensure their longevity is with regular cleanings with a reputable rug cleaning company like CitruSolution Area Rug Cleaning of Hattiesburg.


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