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Why are we the Best Carpet Cleaners in Hattiesburg and surrounding counties? We have excellent customer service, no-hassle pricing, and quality products.

But the main reason we are the best choice in town is that customers love us! Are you tired of long drying times, rapid resoiling, and musty odors? Does your carpet have pet odors, wine stains, or even grease spots?

Our powerful citrus formula neutralizes all of the above and leaves your carpet looking (and smelling) better than ever before. Here at CitruSolution, we take pride in helping our customers change the way they think about carpet cleaning. As our customers know, we NEVER sneak in hidden fees, charge extra for spot cleaning, or use fine print to upsell them. We respect our customers and we are proud that we are the preferred choice for carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning needs in Hattiesburg and surrounding counties.

Hundreds of homeowners and businesses around Mississippi have experienced the quality of our remarkable carpet cleaning process first-hand. We invite you to browse the gallery below to see the incredible effectiveness of our exclusive carpet cleaning process. We look forward to bringing this same level of quality to you, too!


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